How To Write A World Class Food Blog?

Times Online has come up with 50 of the World's Best Food Blogs. I have been having a feast since yesterday just blog hopping. From main dishes, side dishes, appetizers to desserts just about anything or maybe should say everything that I could think of is there here. A foodie's wish come true. It's all a delicious world. I am so tempted to pick up the fork and spoon and get started.

This whole thing of surfing through foodie blogs has actually got me thinking about what is it that makes a blog stand above the rest. With hundreds and thousands of food blogs with varied themes making their entry into the web world each day what is it that can make you different?

Each one of us bloggers here is passionate about food, eating, cooking, writing and want a big share of the pie. However, what should you do to make yourself heard? I have been able to come up with a few observations while surfing through the blogs:

-Content sure is king in the blogging world. A blogger adds a personal touch by sharing his/her personal experiences and this is what makes a good read. When I surf it is useful and interesting content that makes me stop by at a particular site. Some recipe that interests me, a tip that I can use or an interesting food article is what attracts my attention. The quality of content is very important.

-Speaking of quality is quantity a question that I consider. As a blogger, I know the sheer hard work that goes behind creating quality content but the key to success is being regular or quantity. When I visit a blog today and I like it, I make it a point to drop by a few days later. For me new content every time I visit is important something that keeps going. A few visits and if there is still no change or nothing new and interesting then I drop it from my list. Regular content that is of high quality and useful to the visitors is what brings them back I conclude.

-One observation of the blogging world is that inspite of each one trying to get a higher page rank and getting maximum traffic there is a camaraderie that comes out so very clearly. Each of the passionate and regular bloggers make it a point every day or every few days to visit other blogs, leave comments, try out recipes and techniques from other blogs and also the blog events. There are events held by some or the other blogs each month on a particular theme with others participating enthusiastically by sending in their entries in the form of innovative recipes and even food pictures.

Although for being high on the search engine ranking each one blogger works with search engine optimized content and link building, but the underlying strength of the blogging world is the element of fun, entertainment and camaraderie.


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