How to Make Your Own Healthy Baby Food

When getting baby food, most people go to their local grocery store and just grab the brand name jars of baby food from the shelves. However, in today's age of health consciousness, some parents have chosen instead to make their own baby food from healthy ingredients. If you are concerned about health and don't mind putting in a little of your time, you can always make your own healthy baby food.

To make your own baby food is not only easy and more economical, but an additional advantage is that you will be serving your child wholesome and fresh food. Homemade food is also healthier for there are no extenders and preservatives to lengthen the shelf life.

For those who want to make your life simpler when it comes to health baby foods, here is a simple but healthy apple sauce recipe: slice 2 or 3 red delicious apples, peel and cut up into fourths. Place in a sauce pan and put on the lowest heat setting. Pour in about a half cup of bottled sterilized water. Do not use bottled mineral water as the sediments can settle in the baby food and ruin the immature GI tract of the infant which could lead to food allergies and other GI disorders as they grown older. Allow to boil then cover and simmer until the flesh of the apples is tender. While still warm, gently mash the apples and allow it to cool. Do not put sugar or any additives. This can stay in the fridge for up to a week.

Peach sauce is much simpler to make. Do not get fooled and buy bottled peach sauce, there are two ways to do this, fresh from the tree or fresh from the can. If the baby is just four to five months, fresh peaches are best. But if the baby is six months or older, then fresh from the can is alright. Do the same process as with the apples: peel the peaches, core and slice into small pieces. Put in bottled or sterile water (not mineral) and allow the mixture to boil. Mash the mixture inside the sauce pan and allow it to cool. Again, this can last up to a week inside the fridge. The canned peaches are easier to make as they are already sterilized and just needs to be mashed straight from the can. As the child is six months and older, texture is important and the mashing does not have to be too smooth as when they are first starting to learn how to eat.

For those who want to make carrot sauce, do exactly the same process, remember, the fresher the carrots are, the sweeter they are so no need to add anything. Once they are about seven or eight months, simply steam the carrots and mash, leaving a little texture is alright if the baby is older. As you can see, there is really no need to buy bottled baby food for feeding a baby or for souvenirs. It is quite easy to make, you can try various fruits and vegetables, and it is healthier.


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